AQMD Fall 2019 CSUF Commute Survey

To comply with local air quality regulations, CSUF must conduct an annual employee commute survey and submit an employee commute reduction plan to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The purpose of the survey is to measure the effectiveness of the University's efforts to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips and attain a 1.5 average vehicle ridership (AVR) to improve air quality in Southern California.

All employees who report to work between the hours of 6-10 am will be identified, and a random sample will be selected from this group. Department collectors have been appointed to distribute notifications and survey instructions to the selected employees. The survey will open on Thursday, October 24th and must be completed by Friday, November 1st. Participants will be asked information about their commute to work for the week of October 21st – October 25th.


Not Active Survey is closed
October 24 (12:00 AM) - November 1 (5:00 PM)
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Phase 1 not active PHASE 1
Identify who is in the window
September 9 (12:00 AM) - September 23 (11:59 PM)
Phase 1B not active PHASE 1B
Verify email addresses
September 30 (12:00 AM) - October 11 (11:59 PM)
Phase 3 not active PHASE 3
Monitor People who have not filled in the survey
October 24 (12:00 AM) - November 1 (2:11 PM)
Phase 4 not active PHASE 4
Work schedule data collection
November 12 (12:00 AM) - November 12 (12:01 AM)

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