CSUF Has Vanpools From These Areas:


How Vanpooling Works:

A Vanpool consists of 5 or more adults who meet at a central location and share a ride. At least 2 people share driving responsibilities, and all the participants share the cost, which is substantially lower than the cost of driving alone. CSUF has partnered with Enterprise Rideshare to provide new fully insured and maintained vehicles and roadside assistance to vanpoolers on a month-to-month basis. Because vanpools reduce congestion and air pollution, OCTA provides a $400/mo subsidy to Enterprise to reduce the cost of this sustainable commute option.  


Save Time:

  • The average vanpool in California that uses HOV lanes saves 1 minute per mile.                    Vanpool_car_riders  
  • Reduce stress and fatigue by sharing the drive or not driving at all.  



 Save Money:

  • OCTA provides a $400 per month susidy for each vanpool.            saves_money
  • Gas cost is shared among 5-6 vanpoolers.
  • Enterprise Rideshare provides an upgrade to a new vehicle each year.
  • By not putting over 10,000 mi/year on your personal vehicle, you save on:
  1. Auto insurance premiums.
  2. Auto maintenance and repairs.
  3. Mileage depreciation/resale value.


Additional Benefits:

Faculty/Staff Commuter Choice programs benefits for employees who vanpool at least 70% of their scheduled workdays:

  • Up to $120/month reimbursement.                      yellow_cab_picture
  • Infrequent need parking permits.
  • Guaranteed ride home in the event of an emergency.


Restrictions apply; click here to read important Vanpool Program Policies and Procedures.

If you vanpool, you can relax, read, work, or simply sleep! You will save money and arrive to campus stress free because you chose to Vanpool! If you are concerned about leaving your car at home, it's okay, the Commuter Choice Supplementary Programs makes it easy! 


 Try Vanpooling:

No major commitment required - Participation is month to month

CSUF Vanpool formation meetings are held once potential riders from a specific area have been identified.

For additional information please contact the Transportation Analyst at (657) 278-4405.

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