CSUF Faculty/Staff Carpool Program

Commuter Rewards and Preferential Parking For Employee Carpools

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When you carpool, everybody benefits. You can save money on gas, car maintenance and wear and tear, and you can use the carpool lane to reduce the stress of traffic congestion. Most importantly, you help reduce polluting transportation emissions and improve air quality.

Employees who carpool to campus (2 or more faculty or staff) can apply to receive a free supplemental carpool parking permit that gives all-day access to 3-hour spaces in faculty/staff lots. There is no charge for a carpool permit, however at least one participant in the carpool group must own a paid faculty/staff parking permit.

Each employee in a carpool group that owns a maximum of one (1) CSUF parking permit may earn $1 for every day they carpool to campus. Employees in a carpool group that own more than one CSUF parking permit may earn 50¢ per day.

Share the ride and enjoy the many benefits carpooling has to offer. It's okay to leave your car at home, the Commuter Choice Supplementary Programs makes it easy!

Restrictions apply; click here to read more information including important Carpool Parking policies and procedures


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