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Enjoy convenient and accessible short-term parking on campus!

ParkMobile Makes It Easy

When you're on the go, the free ParkMobile app makes it easy to pay for parking at CSUF right from your phone. Once you set up your account, simply select your parking zone, vehicle, pay for the day or hour, and go. It's smart, contactless payment in the palm of your hand!

Download The App

ParkMobile is free to download and available for iPhones and Androids.

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How To Use ParkMobile

  1. Download the ParkMobile App, text "Park" to 77223, or call 877-727-5932 if you do not have a smartphone
  2. Turn on App's location settings in your mobile device
  3. Set up profile (contact, payment, and vehicle info)
  4. Park in designated ParkMobile zones on campus
  5. Enter zone number, and if prompted, enter space number
  6. Select parking duration

Where to Park

Daily ParkMobile Parking

  • Valid in general student lots and structures.
  • Not valid in Resident Lots or Eastside North Structure.
  • Is transferable between other daily ParkMobile zones.
  • Note: CSUF Students may also purchase Daily Parking through the Parking Portal.   

Hourly ParkMobile Parking

  • Valid only in the corresponding ParkMobile zones.

Park Mobile is available in the following marked zones on campus:

Zone Name Zone Number Location Rate
Eastside South Structure 1674 (Hourly)
1680 (Daily)
Ground Level (Hourly)
Level 2 and above (Daily)
Nutwood Structure 1672 (Hourly)
1678 (Daily)
Ground Level (Hourly)
Level 2 and above (Daily)
State College Structure 1673 (Hourly)
1679 (Daily)
Ground Level (Hourly)
Level 2 and above (Daily)
Arboretum 1676 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
College Park South 1682 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
Gym Drive 1675 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
Lot A 1671 (Daily)
1685 (RV)
Surface Lot $10/day 
Lot D 1692 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
Lot G 1677 (Hourly)
1693 (Daily)
Surface Lot $4/hour
Lot S 1690 (Daily) Surface Lot $10/day
Resident Lot 1 1684 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
Student Union Way 1694 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
Titan Hall 1689 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour
TSU 1687 (Hourly) Surface Lot $4/hour