Pay or appeal the parking ticket(s) within 21 calendar days from the ticket issuance date or 14 days from the delinquent notice receipt date.

Pay ticket

Students, Faculty/Staff, and Guests: Login the Pay Parking Ticket pageOpens in new window , create an account if prompted, and follow necessary instructions to pay the ticket online.

Appeal Ticket - 1st Level Administrative Review

Submit a statement of facts for administrative review. Additional documentation (such as permits or placards) may be included to support the claim. Each appeal attachment can only be 1MB, with a cumulative total of 3MB.

Students, Faculty/Staff, and Guests: Login to the Appeal Parking Ticket pageOpens in new window , create an account if prompted, and follow the necessary instructions to appeal a citation online. 

Appeal Ticket - 2nd Level Administrative Review 

Per CVC 40215, dissatisfaction with the 1st level administrative review results are eligible for a hearing within 21 days of the results letter date.

Administrative Hearings are held in 15 minute intervals on the third Tuesday of each month. Once the parking ticket(s) have been paid for, please contact the Parking Office (by phone or mail) to schedule a hearing.

  • Individuals unable to pay for the ticket(s) at the time of requesting an administrative hearing may fill out a Waiver of Fine Deposit Form with a copy of a W2 or a W2 from whom they are a dependant at the Parking & Transportation Services office. Administrative Hearing appointments will be scheduled upon approval of the fee waiver request.
    • Ticket(s) upheld by the Administrative Hearing Officer are required to be paid within one week of the hearing results or the ticket(s) will be subject to delinquent fees and subsequently a DMV hold on the vehicle's registration.
    • Failure to submit all necessary documentation by the due date indicated on the appeal results will result in normal processing of the ticket(s) and forfeiture of an administrative hearing appointment.

Citation Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for those with multiple unpaid parking citations or those who owe $200 or more. For more information, please contact P&TS by Getting In TouchOpens in new window

Parking Ticket Fines




Violation of Rules & Regulations


Safety Violations


Displaying Forged/Altered Permit or Displaying Lost/Stolen Permit


Disabled Zone Violations

$330 and up

Boot Information

Vehicles with five or more outstanding University parking tickets that are found on campus and in violation will be booted (CVC 22651.7Opens in new window ). The only way to remove a boot is to pay all outstanding parking violating penalties and fees in full. Removing or attempting to remove a boot from an immobilized vehicle will result in University Police involvement. 

If the vehicle is booted:

Contact Parking & Transportation Services within 24 hours. After 72 hours, the vehicle may be impounded. 

CVC 40215 (B):

If the person is dissatisfied with the results of the initial review, the person may request an administrative hearing of the violation no later than 21 calendar days following the mailing of the results of the issuing agency's initial review. The request may be made by telephone, in writing, or in person. The person requesting an administrative hearing shall deposit the amount of the parking penalty with the processing agency. The issuing agency shall adopt a written procedure to allow a person to request an administrative hearing without payment of the parking penalty upon satisfactory proof of an inability to pay the amount due. An administrative hearing shall be held within 90 calendar days following the receipt of a request for an administrative hearing, excluding time tolled pursuant to this article. The person requesting the hearing may request one continuance, not to exceed 21 calendar days.