Parking 101

Why are parking fees required to park on campus?

The purchase of a semester or daily permit enables the University to build and maintain parking facilities and cover the operating costs associated with a University parking program.  The parking program receives no State or University funding (California Education Code 89700 Opens in new window ).

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How is parking permit revenue spent? PDF File

How do CSUF student parking fees compare to other CSU campuses?

The demand for parking is influenced by class schedules.  Conveniently located parking spaces can be difficult to find during peak class times.

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What grants the University the authority to enforce parking on campus?

CA DMV code section 21113 (Driving or Parking on Public Grounds Opens in new window ), provides for the establishment and enforcement of all vehicle (including bicycle) traffic, pedestrian traffic, and parking regulations upon the grounds of the California State University and Colleges.  Title 5 ( Title 5 42200 Opens in new window ) states that no person shall drive any vehicle, nor shall any person stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities or grounds of any campus, except with the permission of the president of the campus.  Below is an in depth look at our citing authority.

Below are University Policies regarding parking for download: