Events Services Parking events

Planning a meeting, conference, or special event? Parking & Transportation offers a variety of services to help make your event a success. Parking arrangements can be coordinated to include: vehicular directional signage, reserved parking spaces, and parking attendants.

Requests for Event Services must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to your event. Cash/ Check/ Credit Card Payments for Event Services must be received 3 business days prior to your event.

Please complete the Parking Event Services form.


Event Services are unavailable during the first two (2) weeks of class instruction.

Space/Lot reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Confirmation of your event services will be emailed to you once finalized.  


Standard Directional - Provides vehicular way-finding from campus entrances to parking location


  Event parking           

Reserved Space - Space designation places at parties stall.

Reserved Lot - Lot designation placed at parties specific lot.

Lot signage                 Signage

Advance Notice - Provide awareness to campus community of upcoming lot closures. *Fees apply.

advanced notice sign                 Lot closed

Custom - Any signage which identifies specific event home

How to order:

  • Submit event request online
  • Order through Digital Print Services at least 5 business days in advance with event confirmation from parking services
  • Email and include event confirmation
  • Signage will be delivered to Parking & Transportation 2 days prior to event
  • If not received in 2 days, standard signage will be placed


custom signage'

Parking Attendants

Scheduled to distribute parking permits to attendees

  • Number of attendants determined based on scope of the event
  • Location: on site and at the visitor information centers
  • Attendants are ready 1 hour before the event and have a 2 hour minimum
Parking Services Quantity Rate Amount
Traffic Attendant 1 $15.00/HR $60.00
Parking Officer 3 $42/HR $409.25
Traffic Attendant 3 $15.00/HR $225.00
Road Closure 1 $30.00/EA $30.00
Lot Reservation Per lot $30.00/EA $30.00
Directional Signage Per entrance $30.00/EA $30.00
Custom Signage Postage Per lot $30.00/EA $30.00

Locations Available for Reservation

*Individual signage is not provided in these lots and are not subject to the reservation fee

**Advance notice signage required

Parking Locations

Approx. # of Spaces Available

Visitor's West 20
Student Lot A South (south of Children's Center)** 251
Eastside Park & Pay 50
Eastside basement** 40
 CP Park & Pay 15
State College Park & Pay 38
Art's Drive 9
Irvine Campus 6
Lot R-West* 18
Lot R - East* 6
Lot R-West and Visitor's West 38