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Alternative Transportation Committee (ATC)


Per the California State University Transportation and Parking Policy, the purpose of the Alternative Transportation Committee is to review and advise on proposals put forth by California State University, Fullerton, Parking & Transportation Services to ensure equitable access to educational and vocational opportunities at CSUF via pedestrian, bicycling, transit, ridesharing, and other commute modes.


The California State University Fullerton Alternative Transportation Committee (ATC) advises Parking and Transportation Services regarding the development of CSUF’s transportation programs and facilities. The ATC is expected to support CSUF as a leader in sustainable mobility and will review and advise on transportation proposals that improve air quality, equity of campus access, thoughtful use of land, and fiduciary obligations.

The ATC shall be responsible for analyzing and evaluating the campus' existing transportation programs and challenges and recommending plans and strategies to increase equitable access and cost-effective transportation options. The ATC is comprised of students, staff, faculty, and subject matter experts to attend meetings, review recommendations, and convey feedback appropriately.

The CSUF Alternative Transportation Committee (ATC) Members shall:

  1. steward our physical and financial resources in order to fulfill the university’s mission and support student success
  2. reflect a fair and neutral process that respects the needs of students, faculty, staff, and visitors served by Parking and Transportation Services;
  3. be sensitive to and consider effects on the quality of life in the neighboring off-campus community;
  4. support environmentally and fiscally responsible approaches to parking and transportation;
  5. provide reports on the campus’ transportation needs and recommendations to improve bicycle, pedestrian, and transit commute mode share;
  6. advise on the effectiveness of the campus’ TDM strategies through cost/benefit analysis and utilization of all transportation modes;
  7. review TDM strategies the campus should invest in and assist with seeking funding for those strategies;
  8. advise on the need for the construction of new parking assets or renovation of existing parking assets.

Composition and Meetings

Membership for faculty and staff shall be for a period of two (2) years. Students shall be appointed annually. Recommendations for membership from campus constituencies should consider the backgrounds of the persons selected to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. Members must be representative of individuals who primarily use public transit, active transportation, or ridesharing.

Meetings shall be held at least once per academic semester. Additional meetings may be called as needed by the Committee Chairperson. Membership includes:

  1. Two (2) students; recommended by the President, and/or Associated Students, Inc.; 1-year term.
  2. Two (2) faculty representatives; 2-year term
  3. Two (2) staff representatives; 2-year term
  4. Transportation Demand Manager; Chairperson; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term.
  5. Parking Director; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term.
  6. Sustainability Coordinator; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term.
  7. CSU Chancellor's Office, non-votong member; indefinite term

Should the University be unable to fill any of the positions listed above, the committee shall record efforts the taken by the University to fill them.

Schedule for the 2022-23 Academic Year

10:00 am Friday, September 30, 2022

10:00 am Friday, March 10, 2023



Mayra Martinez, Chief Communications Officer, Associated Students

Maysem Awadalla, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Associated Students

Dr. Ella Ben Hagai, CSUF Faculty, Associate Professor of Psychology. Commute Mode: Vanpool

Dr. Aitana Guia Conca, CSUF Faculty, Associate Professor of History. Commute Mode: Bicycle

John Spencer, CSUF Staff. Commute Mode: Bicycle

Elaine Dixon, CSUF Staff. Commute Modes: Bus, Train

Elissa Thomas, Ex Officio Non-Voting Member, CSUF Transportation Demand Manager. Commute Mode: Vanpool

Kristen M. Jasko, Ex Officio Non-Voting Member, CSUF Parking & Transportation Director. Commute Mode: Carpool

Stephanie Del Rosario, Ex Officio Non-Voting Member, Sustainability Analyst. Commute Mode: Car

Hank Kaplan, Transportation Analyst, CSU Chancellor's Office. Commute Mode: Telecommute