Tracking Form Due Dates

Commuter Rewards / Reimbursement Submittal Calendar

Tracking Forms are due by the 5th calendar day of the month.

Commuter rewards are reported to the State Controller's Office as taxable income. Tax deductions are made on monthly payroll checks following reimbursement and reward issuance. Tracking forms are required in order to maintain program eligibility. You may choose to decline the rewards by indicating so on the monthly tracking form.

Month of Participation Tracking Forms due date:
January February 5
February March 5
March April 5
April May 5
May June 5
June July 5
July August 5
August September 5
September October 5
October November 5
November December 5
December January 5

*Your November commuter rewards will be processed in January due to the State Controller's Office W-2 payroll reporting deadline. Therefore, your W-2 will reflect your November and December commuter rewards.