Special Parking Permits

Special Parking Permits

A "Special" parking permit enables the holder to park in any 30-minute visitor parking zone or in parking spaces designated for ‘Special Parking Permits Only” in faculty/staff lots when no faculty/staff space appears or is likely to be vacant. Special permits must be displayed with a valid faculty/staff parking permit to be valid.

The President has authorized Special parking permits for the following administrative positions, each of which may require the use of a personal vehicle to conduct university business and/or attendance at off-site meetings on a regular basis.

     Division Heads
     College Deans
     Associate Vice President(s) for Academic Affairs
     Associate Vice President(s) for Administration and Finance
     Associate Vice President(s) for Student Affairs
     Associate Vice President(s) for University Advancement

Division Heads may authorize in writing special parking permits for other administrative positions on an as needed basis. The President or designee will review and confirm special parking permits annually or more frequently if necessary.


The cost for Supplemental and Conditional Use parking permits shall be $50.00 per month as follows:

  1. Employees paying the $12/month parking permit rate shall pay an additional $38/month.
  2. Employees paying the $32/month parking permit rate shall pay an additional $18/ month.
    * There will be no fee for the ‘graveyard’ conditional use permit valid between 12am and 6 am.

Employees are responsible for all parking fees unless the appropriate Division Head approves in writing the use of University funds to pay the additional differential fee for the Special or Conditional Use parking permit.