Payroll Deduction

Parking Payroll Deduction Procedures

The Parking Payroll Deduction Program allows employees to purchase a faculty/staff permit and pay for the permit via payroll deduction on a monthly basis using pre-tax dollars. Employees who want to participate in the program should contact Parking & Transportation Services, located at T1400. The parking office is open 8am – 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Special Notes:

  1. To initiate parking payroll deduction, you must be a salaried, permanent state employee, on a 12 month pay plan.
  2. Graduate students, lecturers, intermittent and temporary employees with an employment end date of less than twelve (12) months, are not eligible for payroll deduction.
  3. No more than one permit will be sold to each employee.
  4. ASC and ASI employees must contact their appropriate Human Resources Department to initiate the parking payroll deduction process.

Initial Purchase:

You must present your CSUF TitanCard or picture ID to verify employment and pay the 2 month initial payment to receive a payroll deduction parking permit. Each month thereafter, the monthly parking fee will be deducted in arrears from your pay warrant.

Payroll Deduction Permit Types And Fees:

If parking payroll deduction is initiated before the 15th of the month, the 2 month initial payment applies to the current and following month. If payroll deduction is initiated after the 15th of the month, the initial payment is applied to the following two months. Parking fees for employees are:

Fiscal Year 2009/2010 Payroll Deduction Monthly Fees
Classification Payroll Deduction Monthly Rate
Non-represented $32.00
Units 6, 10 $12.00
Units 1, 4, 8 $13.00
Unit 3 $13.19
Units 2, 5, 7, 9 $13.91

Faculty/Staff approved to receive a special or conditional use parking permit pay $50 per month with an initial fee of $100.

Faculty/Staff who need parking during the Fall and Spring semesters only, may purchase semester parking permits from Parking & Transportation Services, T1400. Click here for current Faculty/Staff semester parking permit fees.

Daily Exemptions – Maximum 2 Per Month

If you forget your permit you may request an exemption from the parking permit requirement for the day. Call Parking & Transportation Services at (657)278-3082 and give the Parking Representative the following information: your CWID, your parking permit number, make, color and license plate number of your car and the Faculty/Staff lot where your car is parked. After your information is verified, your car will be placed on the daily "exemption list". Please note, only two (2) requests for an exemption will be honored each month.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Permit

To replace a lost or stolen permit, file a report with Parking & Transportation and a replacement permit will be issued at a cost of $25. Parking permits that are declared lost or stolen are not valid. Vehicles displaying a lost or stolen permit will be issued a parking ticket for displaying an invalid parking permit with a fine of $350. If the permit is recovered by Parking & Transportation Enforcement Staff, the $25 administrative fee may be refunded.

Canceling or Changing Parking Payroll Deductions

To cancel or change your payroll deduction, contact Parking & Transportation. If you are an ASI or ASC employee contact your Human Resources Department. If you will be on an extended leave and will not visit the campus during your leave, you may return your parking permit to Parking & Transportation and cancel parking payroll deduction. If you do not return the permit and cancel payroll deduction, the monthly parking fee will continue to be deducted from your pay warrant. Payments not received through payroll deduction will be invoiced to the permit holder. No refunds will be issued if you do not cancel payroll deduction during your leave. Whenever you cancel payroll deduction, you must return your parking permit before the last business day of the month to avoid the payroll deduction for the following month.

Terminating Employment - Voluntary Separation Process

If you terminate your employment from the University you must cancel your parking payroll deduction and return your parking permit to Parking & Transportation. Alternatively, on your last day of employment with the University you may return your parking permit to your appropriate administrator.

Inactive Permit

The monthly fee is required to be paid, whether or not a pay warrant is issued, until the payroll deduction permit is cancelled or employment is terminated. Non-payment of outstanding monthly fees will result in the payroll deduction permit being place on inactive status.

A permit that has been placed on “Inactive” status is not valid. Vehicles displaying an Inactive permit will be issued a parking ticket.