How do I sign up to use an EV charging station at CSUF?

Drivers must sign up with ChargePoint to receive a membership card and provide a payment method. ChargePoint accepts all credit cards. To sign up for a membership, visit:

CSUF students and campus employees will need to obtain a supplemental EV Permit from Parking & Transportation Services in order to receive a complimentary "Connections Code" to connect to the CSUF EV Charging network.

What is a Connections Code? How do I get one?

The Connections Code allows campus affiliates to connect to the CSUF EV Charging network and receive subsidized charging at no cost. If you are a CSUF student or employee with a semester or payroll deduction parking permit, the Parking Office will give you the code and instructions with your EV Permit.

Why do I have to enter a Connections Code?

It is not a requirement to enter a Connections Code to charge. EV charging is available to anyone at the rate of $0.40 per kilowatt hour. The Connections code is available for CSUF students and employees as an option to confirm affiliation with the campus in order to charge an EV at no cost.

Why is there a fee to charge electric vehicles?

These fees help to offset the cost of electricity, operations and maintenance for the EV Chargers.

Why is there a time limit?

The charging stations on campus are intended to be used as a "top-off" location, not a primary charging location. The time limit encourages turnover throughout the day, serving as many EV drivers as possible.

Where are the Electric Vehicle charging stations on campus?

  • 5 EV Charging Ports located at College Park North Lot – 4 Hour Time Limit
  • 2 EV Charging Ports located at Corporation Drive – 4 Hour Time Limit
  • 2 EV Charging Ports located at Gymnasium Drive – 4 Hour Time Limit
  • 2 EV Charging Ports located at Mihaylo Hall Loading Dock - 2 Hour Time Limit
  • 1 DC Fast Charging Port located at Mihaylo Hall Loading Dock – 30 Minute Time Limit

Why aren't there any stations placed in faculty/staff lots?

EV charging stations are accessible to the campus community as well as visitors to the campus. They cannot be located in faculty/staff lots because these lots are reserved areas; student and visitor parking permits are not valid in F/S lots.

Who do I contact for more information?

For information about the ChargePoint Network, please go to Opens in new window or call (888) 758-4389.

For information about CSUF EV Charging policy and procedures, please call Elissa Thomas at (657) 278-4405 or Commuter Services at (657) 278-4699.