Faculty and Staff Bus & Train

If you want to reduce your commuting costs, alleviate commuting stress, and make productive use of your travel time, ride the bus or train to campus!


The E-Pass program was designed to get you to campus and back with ease. It is available to all currently employed CSUF faculty and staff. Just stop by the Parking Office to pick up your E-Pass card, swipe the card through the farebox inside the bus, and your fare is automatically paid on all local routes. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And best of all, it’s FREE.

MetroOpens in new window  has six routes that serve Orange County (130, 275, 362, 460, 471, 490).  Faculty and staff may enroll in the Commuter Choice Program to receive up to $75 each month for Metro monthly bus pass reimbursement. 

In addition, by joining the Commuter Program, you will be eligible for other commuter benefits such as prize drawings and guaranteed return trip. Monthly tracking forms indicating days of participation and copies of transit pass / receipt must be submitted on-line via CTS in order to receive commuter benefits.

For commute planning assistance or route information, please call 714-736-RIDE (7433) or visit OCTAOpens in new window  online. 


TRAIN - Metrolink/Amtrak


Subsidies for Metrolink ticketOpens in new window or AmtrakOpens in new window passes are paid as a reimbursement to registered Commuter Choice program participants. You can receive up to $120 reimbursement for the monthly cost of your rail pass. Monthly tracking forms indicating days of participation along with a copy of the rail pass must be submitted on-live via CTS by the 5th of each month in order to receive reimbursements. Reimbursement requests are reviewed and approved by Transportation Staff and submitted to Accounts Payable for processing. Please allow 6 weeks for processing. OCTAOpens in new window bus routes provide transportation to and from rail stations and campus. Please click here to see a schedule showing OCTA service to and from local train stations.PDF File Opens in new window There is no fee to board an OCTAOpens in new window bus if you show your Metrolink pass. Only Amtrak riders may use their an E-Pass card to board an OCTA bus. For Commute Planning assistance, call Metrolink at (800) 371-LINK.