Titans Travel Together!

Carpooling CSUF Students

Carpooling to CSUF?

Apply for a Carpool Permit and enjoy reserved carpool parking in Lot D!

  • A minimum of 2 CSUF students must arrive to campus together with a semester permit and a carpool permit
  • Carpoolers must live at least 1 mile away from campus and carpool at least 50% of the commute
  • Looking for a carpool partner? Check out the Pave Commute app details below

Pave Commute app download instructions

Introducing Pave Commute

Pave Commute is a new app that provides personalized CSUF ridematching and rewards.

Looking to carpool? Pave Commute can help form carpool groups with fellow Titans based on location and schedule. All forms of alternative transportation including carpooling, walking, biking, or using the bus/train is able to be tracked on the Pave Commute app. 

Getting Started

  1. Download the Pave Commute app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign up with your Cal State Fullerton student (@csu.fullerton.edu) or faculty staff (@fullerton.edu) email
  3. Start commuting and earn coins that can be redeemed for a chance to win giveaways or gift cards!

Visit the Pave Commute website to learn more and start earning rewards today!

Weekly Spring Semester Raffles

To celebrate the launch of Pave Commute, Parking & Transportation Services will be giving away a $100 gift card every Friday during the Spring 2024 semester!  Redeem your coins for raffle tickets in the Pave Commute app for a chance to win. 

  • 100 coins = 1 raffle ticket for the weekly drawing

Student Sustainability Champion Prizes

On May 10, 2024, we will raffle off (4) Student Sustainability Champion prizes of $225* each – (1) For carpool, (1) for transit, (1) for walk, and (1) for bike. 

Weekly Spring Semester Raffle Dates 

Raffle Date Redeem Pave Coins For Tickets By  $100 Weekly Raffle Winner Announcement
Friday, 1/26/24 Thursday, 1/25/24 by 10 pm   CSUF Student U-Pass Bus Commuter!
Friday, 2/2/24 Thursday, 2/1/24 by 10 pm   CSUF Student U-Pass Bus Commuter!
Friday, 2/9/24 Thursday, 2/8/24 by 10 pm   CSUF Student Commuter Walks to Campus!
Friday, 2/16/24 Thursday, 2/15/24 by 10 pm   CSUF Student Carpools to Campus!
Friday, 2/23/24 Thursday, 2/22/24 by 10 pm   CSUF Student Commuter Walks to Campus!
Friday, 3/1/24 Thursday, 2/29/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 3/1/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 3/8/24 Thursday, 3/7/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 3/8/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 3/15/24 Thursday, 3/14/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 3/15/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 3/22/24 Thursday, 3/21/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 3/22/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 3/29/24 Thursday, 3/28/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 3/29/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 4/12/24 Thursday, 4/11/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 4/12/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 4/19/24 Thursday, 4/18/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 4/19/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 4/26/24 Thursday, 4/25/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 4/26/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 5/3/24 Thursday, 5/2/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 5/3/24 by 5 pm
Friday, 5/10/24 Thursday, 5/9/24 by 10 pm   Friday, 5/10/24 by 5 pm


Pave Commute Raffle Winners 

Congratulations to all of the Spring 2024 winners!PDF File